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This is one home collection everyone can get behind.

Love’s True Kiss

"Maleficent and Stefan are friends. But the king of the territories neighboring Maleficent’s goes to war with her and loses, whereupon he declares that whoever can kill her will succeed him as king. Stefan goes to visit Maleficent and brings his dagger, but he can’t bring himself to murder her. (Think of Snow White and the huntsman.) So he does something almost worse: he drugs her and cuts off her wings. Blessedly, we don’t see this happen. We only hear, once Maleficent awakens, her horrible cries—low, guttural, unstoppable—rising out of the woods. Angelina Jolie, who plays the adult Maleficent, has said that it was clear to her and to the writer that the removal of the wings was an image of rape. I am certain that someone involved must also have had clitoridectomy in mind. A piece of the girl’s body, and a source of power and happiness, has been sliced off. The wings are taken to the castle and hung in a glass case, like a display in the Museum of Natural History."

- Love’s True Kiss: “Maleficent” ’s Complex Sexual Politics in The New Yorker

Over-thinking things.

"Narcissism in celebrities is to be expected, but the most common way in contemporary society that the upper-middle-class narcissist gazes into the lily pond is through work. Work is an uncontested value in our culture. It allows a socially legitimated form of self-centeredness as we pursue our ‘careers’ with the piety of those answering a religious calling. Work is a proxy for the self. We reward it mightily. The workaholic corporate executive who behaves with utter ruthlessness in business and at home, who lives as if his or her family or employees have no human needs, is often admired."

Ann Manne, 2006.

This is so pertinent.

"I have a wider range as a human being than as a writer. (With some writers, it’s the opposite.) Only a fraction of me is available to be turned into art."

-Susan Sontag

Russian Photographer Olga Volkova Tuponogova and stylist Natalia Obukhov have created a African pattern feast.
Kayla Newell.